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Thursday, June 27th, 8:00pm at Café Pouchkine, 16 place de la Madeleine, 75008 PARIS

Small millet blini, Vologda butter, black salt and pressed caviar

First starter
«Okrochka» salad, watermelon and mint

Second starter
Soft boiled egg, green aspargus cream and Baeri caviar

Main dish
Roasted turbot, declined peas and salmon eggs

Morse Granita

«Postila», apple and honey

75.00 € per person, two glasses of champagne or wine included

Information and reservation with our commercial service
Phone : 0033.6 30 55 31 58 – 0033.1 53 43 81 60 Email: commercial@maison-dellos.com

A gift idea full of flavors, to celebrate dads’ Sunday, June 16!

Café Pouchkine is happy to present its new pastry, Baba Moscow Mule, created for all dads by Patrick Pailler, executive Café Pouchkine and sweet creations pastry chef.

This real cocktail to eat will be on sale from June 8 till 17, 2019 at the shop on 16, place de la Madeleine as well as the one in Printemps de la Mode boulevard Haussmann.

Individual «Baba Moscow Mule» dessert: 9,20 €
For take away

«Gipsy Evenings» launching at the Café Pouchkine Madeleine

The Café Pouchkine showcases its Russian roots with the launch on Wednesday, May 22nd of the «Gipsy Evenings». The opportunity to spend a festive and gastronomic evening, on the Gypsies rhythm, vodka, caviar and the famous Muscovite festive spirit!

Do not worry, if you missed the first night the gypsy Diamant group will be at the Café Pouchkine Madeleine every second Wednesday!

The choice of menu is free and à la carte.

Information and reservations at the restaurant
Café Pouchkine, 16 place de la Madeleine, 75008 PARIS

Tel: 0033 (0)1 53 43 81 60 - Email: reservationmadeleine@maison-dellos.com

A gift idea full of flavors, to celebrate Moms’ Sunday, May 26!

Café Pouchkine is happy to present its new pastry, Mama Rosa, created for all moms by Patrick Pailler, executive Café Pouchkine and sweet creations pastry chef.

This real spring bouquet will be on sale from May 20 till 27, 2019 at the shop on 16, place de la Madeleine as well as the one in Printemps de la Mode boulevard Haussmann.

Entremet «Mama Rosa» for 6 people: 65 €
Individual «Mama Rosa» dessert: 9,20 €
For take away

The Spring Summer menu at Café Pouchkine

from April 23, 2019

Our terrace on the Place de la Madeleine offers a unique perspective on the neoclassical peristyle of the Church of Madeleine.

Our kitchen chef Thomas Rossi has naturally created a new selection of colourful and sunny dishes, promises of beautiful days to come:

Melon soup with peppermint, yuzu and gambero rosa tartare (17.00 €)p>

Steamed mullet, black garlic and fennel espuma (29.00 €)

Snacked tuna, virgin sauce, marinated zucchini (26.00 €)

Supreme of corn-fed chicken, peas cream and fresh peas, supreme sauce (28.00 €)

Beef carpaccio, pistachio pesto, fresh parmesan (24.00 €)

Veal chop, shitakes and poultry juice (41.00 €)

Let’s the «Nathalie» guide you at Café Pouchkine!

From March the 5th 2019

More than a year ago Patrick Pailler, Executive Pastry Chef, created the "Nathalie", an embodiment of Café Pouchkine legend.
This pastry macaron is a true gem presented in five different flavours, and a variety of new flavours will be developed in future.

The "Nathalie" celebrates the great classics such as Dark Chocolate or Nut-Milk Chocolate, together with subtle combinations such as Raspberry-Banana, Lime-Wasabi and Cranberry Morse-Rose.

The "Nathalie" always consists of two vertical shells of macarons that contain in its heart crispy biscuit, cream, confit or ganache, all delicately frosted.

The inscription ‘Café Pouchkine’ on the top of this creation, which is assorted to the colours of the "Nathalie", brings the final touch, as a pearl crowning the perfect jewel.

Do not wait anymore to discover it!

Palace of sweetness


A mini-version of famous Russian dessert, made of buckwheat biscuit, sgushenka cream (sweet condensed milk) and smetana-based cream (Russian sour-cream with a strong flavour)
Flavours: honey, banana, fleur d’orange, rose, griotte.


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A macaron is a small confection known all over the world. It was during the reign of Catherine Medici when this pastry was first introduced to France. Dalloyau, “officiers de bouche” of royal court (ancestors of famous pastry company) served them to Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. It is only in 1830 that macaron acquired its modern shape of two paired shells. Buttercream or jam filling was added to the confection at the end of XIX century.
Cafe Pouchkine macarons are manually created confections of premium quality products.
Alongside with our “mini-Medoviks”, “pouchkinettes” choux, chocolates, confections, desserts and entremets, they are part of our great pastry tradition. They also have beautiful present boxes, that you can arrange depending of your taste.

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Treat yourself with pouchkinettes, delightful tiny pastries for gourmands and food lovers… Sparkled with colourful sugar matching their filling, they are offered in ten different flavours: salty caramel, Piémont hazelnut praline, raspberry estragon blend, fleur d’oranger, Tahiti vanilla, fragrant rose, strawberry banana blend, Rhum, lemon Basil, pistache Almond.

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Discover the world of Café Pouchkine

Designed exclusively to treasure our pastry creations, modern and luxurious packaging of “Café Pouchkine” is easy to recognize. Its bright and colourful stripes are a tribute to La Bayadère, a famous Russian ballet, first staged in the St. Petersburg Imperial Bolshoi Kamenny  Theatres on January 23rd, 1877.  
Originally choreographed by Marius Petipa, it was brilliantly interpreted by the great Rudolf Nureyev in 1992 at the Paris Opera. Thus, the colourful striped pattern resonates with both France and Russia, evoking the memories of the immortal ballet.

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Our inspiration

Franco-Russian heritage

Medovik, Nathalie, Pavlova, kulich, Russian tea-flavoured macaron… Café Pouckine is proud of its Franco-Russian origins. Through all the seasons for its pastry creations, Café Pouchkine uses typically Russian pastry ingredients, such as caramel, milk cream, buckwheat and buckwheat honey.

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Pastry creation

Executive pastry chef Patrick Pailler combines youth creativity with profound experience. Recognised chef of patisserie world, every day he works on creating new masterpieces at Café Pouchkine.

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Exquisitely exciting delights

Café Pouckine has joyful and welcoming patisserie. For small and big occasions, personal cake or an entremet for friends or family, our pastry delicacies are impossible to resist!

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More than 50 years ago the well-known French chansonnier Gilbert Bécaud wrote the song “Nathalie” and dedicated it to his Russian guide Natalia, whom he met while performing in Moscow. The song became astonishingly popular, and it is no wonder that both Moscow inhabitants and tourists tried to find “Café Pouchkine.”
And yet, merely being a poetic fantasy of Gilbert Becaud, it did not exist! But it was this image that inspired Andrei Dellos to re-create “Café Pouchkine”. And as a tribute to the memory of literary legend Alexander Pouchkine, he created a French-style café serving aristocratic Russian cuisine.


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+33 1 53 43 81 60