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History of Andrei Dellos and Café Pouchkine

Entrepreneur and aesthete Andrei Dellos, who is famous for creating venues with individuality in Moscow, opened his first “Café Pouchkine” in 1999 as a tribute to the 200th birth anniversary of the famous poet Alexander Pouchkine.

The myth became reality...

Café Pouchkine ORIGINS

It was a line from Gilbert Becaud`s romantic ballad “Nathalie” that inspired Andrei Dellos to re-create a fictional café in real life:

She was talking so seriously
Of the October Revolution
As for me, I was thinking
That after Lenin’s tomb
We would go to “Café Pouchkine”
And drink hot chocolate

Andrei Dellos genius has also been to invent a legend of a former drugstore belonging to XVIII century pharmacist Friedrich Karlovich, that turned into a true cabinet of wonders that Moscow Café Pouchkine is!

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